Burdock Root

Cate Farm considers burdock one of our specialties- we have been cultivating it since 1985!

There are two main species of burdock- wild burdock, Arctium minus, and Japanese or Giant burdock Arctium lappa. We cultivate only the Japanese variety Arctium lappa for its roots (fresh and dried) and for its seed. Wild crafted burdock is most likely Arctium minus.

Most people know burdock from the velcro-like burrs that attach to one’s clothing or canines. Burdock is a biennial: seeded in spring, the plant produces a long taproot and large foliage, but no seed. In the second year, the taproot’s energy is used to produce a seed stalk and ‘burrs’. While burdock seed is harvested in the fall of the second year, the root is harvested in the fall of the first year, or overwintered and dug early the next spring.

We plant burdock in fertile soils amended with compost and rock minerals. The long roots are harvested by hand after loosening the soil with a tractor pulled blade. It is hard work, but satisfying- especially when you pull out a two and a half foot root! The roots are thoroughly washed in a tumbler washer before packing fresh or cutting up for drying.

Burdock has long been used in Asian and macrobiotic cuisine. Medicinally, it has be used as a blood purifier and for skin disorders, among other uses. Burdock root is a main component in the Essiac formula.

Try slicing fresh roots for use in soups, stirfries, and tea. Burdock is also great roasted or steamed. Try juicing it with carrots and beets. Burdock also makes a potent tincture.

Details on Ordering:

We are much more an organic farm than a mail order company, and we try to keep it simple. We do not accept credit cards. We ship anywhere in the USA. If you need to contact us, the best method for us is by email, since we are usually busy around the farm.

Dried Burdock is available in post paid sizes listed below. Fresh burdock is available September – December 2018, in 8 lb post paid boxes, see below.

  Fresh burdock: We ship fresh burdock root in a postage paid box containing 8 lbs of roots, for $70.00. Send us a check for $70.00 to the Cate Farm address below and we’ll ship as soon as we receive payment (starting late September 2018).

  Dried Burdock is available in postage paid flat rate boxes in the following 2 sizes:

1.25 lbs for $28.00 total (postage paid anywhere in the US)

4 lbs for $73.00 total (postage paid anywhere in the US)

Send us a check for either size to the Cate Farm address below and we’ll ship as soon as we receive payment.

If you would like larger amounts (over five pounds) of dried burdock,  you can order by the pound for $14/lb plus Shipping&Handling. You will need to email us first at catefarm@gmail.com with the amount you want to order and your zip code so we can send you a total for the burdock plus S&H. We will ship after we receive payment. 

Send  payment (check or money order) with your order request and your shipping address  to:

Cate Farm
135 Cate Farm Road
Plainfield, VT 05667